Header saying Ivett Csordas, subheading saying Instructional Designer and Learning Content Manager

Hi, I'm Ivett

With over 15 years in education and a passion for learning, I create meaningful and engaging learning solutions. 

I use backward design to identify the target behaviours, existing gaps and obstacles and work out the most efficient strategy to close them. 

I believe that training has to be targeted, practical, and relatable to achieve its aim and I create learning experiences with plenty of examples and application opportunities. 

Ivett Csordas

Sample Projects

An open laptop with a course overview page showing. The label says eLearning course.
A tablet screen with the visible Developing Accessible Powerpoints and Documents and 4 images underneath. The label says Online Course on Accessibility.
A laptop screen with the heading reading Intro to Rise - Block types and best practices for beginners. The label says Interactive Article.
A desk with a tablet with a slide showing 2 documents. The top one reads Facilitator Guide. A tablet screen with a presentation, a booklet saying Facilitator Guide, and another booklet with an indistinguishable title. The label says Instructor-led Training Package.
A laptop screen with three big headings reading Performance Objective, Learning Objective, and Focusing Objective. The label says Animated Explainer Video.
A booklet on a desk with a cover image and the title reading How to add a Contact Form to your Google Site. The label says Setup Guide.

ID Talent Development

A phone with an indiscernible image and a tablet with a LinkedIn page with an LCA logo and the group name Learning Content Accessibility. The label says Accessibility Advocacy.
A framed badge reading Academy Coach. The label says Instructional Design Coaching.
A webinar screen with the title Instructional Design Portfolios and an image of Ivett Csordas presenting. The label says Workshops and Webinars..
A phone with an indiscernible image and a tablet with the title reading Visual Design Part 2: How to get started. The label says Blog posts.
A video titled Where to get topic ideas. The label says Video Content Creation..