About Me

Hi, I am Ivett, a lifelong learner and almost lifelong educator. 

I’ve been creating meaningful and effective learning solutions for over a decade. My professional experience includes teaching in the classroom, leading educational programs, creating learning aids, mentoring educators, and coordinating the implementation of new training strategies.

Ivett Csordas

Professional Experience

As an Instructional Designer, I use backward design to identify the target behaviours, existing gaps and obstacles and work out the most efficient strategy to close them. 

I believe that training has to be targeted, practical, and relatable to achieve its aim and I create learning experiences with plenty of examples and application opportunities. 

My niche is breaking concepts down and having worked with diverse learners, I am skilled at anticipating potential learning obstacles. 

As a Learning Content Manager,  I devise strategies to make the training library more accessible and improve the learning experience. 

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Talent Development

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and I create informative videos and write articles for Instructional Designers.

As an Instructional Design coach, I work with new and aspiring IDs to help them improve their skills.

To advocate for inclusion and accessibility, I founded an accessibility newsletter and community to help learning content creators design accessible training.

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Personal Interests

When I’m not working, I’m often in the theatre musing over the creativity of the production or dreaming up/enjoying my next backpacking trip. I love getting a glimpse into new cultures and, besides my travels, I have also lived in all four hemispheres of the Earth.

If you would like to learn more, send me a message on LinkedIn or through the contact form.