Contact Form for Google Site

Setup Guide

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Tools: Snagit, Word

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: research, graphic design, development

Client: personal project, adapted by IDOL Courses Academy


Context: This guide was developed for my fellow Instructional Designers who were building their website using Google Sites.

Challenges: Google Forms is probably the easiest way to add a contact form to a Google Site. However, many people don't know how to set up an email alert and resort to checking the form's spreadsheet regularly, not knowing about the add-on options.

Solutions: This booklet details all the necessary steps to set up a Contact Form. It includes screenshots with highlights and guides website creators through the editing and embedding of the form and shows the process of downloading and setting up the email alert add-on.

Results: The targeted  approach helped users set up their Contact Forms in a short time without having to browse through unrelated content on the internet.

Google Forms Setup Guide.pdf

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