Publishing Courses with Netlify

Screencast Tutorial

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Tools: Camtasia

Time in development: 5 hours

My role: script, development

Client: IDOL Courses Academy


Context: The IDOL Courses Academy is a training programme helping professionals transition into the field of Instructional Design and Online Learning development.

Challenges: Once learners in the Academy finished developing their portfolio courses in Articulate Storyline or Rise, they didn't know how to export and upload them to their websites. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions in the community was about hosting HTML versions of courses, and they often struggled with other hosting options.

Solutions: This short video walks learners through the uploading process and explains the necessary exporting settings for both Articulate Storyline and Rise. Besides, Netlify is an easier tool to use than other similar hosting platforms.

Results: 85% of the learners now only use Netlify and the questions relating to hosting courses reduced by 95%. This video since has been shared publicly outside the Academy too and I've seen it being shared around in professional circles.