Writing Learning Objectives

Animated Explainer Video

The snippet from the 9-minute long video is shared with permission from the client.

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The selected screenshots are shared with permission from the client.

Tools: Biteable, Camtasia, Canva

Time in development: 10 hours

My role: script, storyboard, voiceover, development

Client: IDOL Courses Academy


Context: The IDOL Courses Academy is a training programme helping professionals transition into the field of Instructional Design and Online Learning development.

Challenges: Learners in the Academy understood the importance of writing effective learning objectives, but got confused about the difference between learning and performance objectives and weren't sure what to share with the learners.

Solutions: The 9-minute long video starts with a specific performance goal and guides the viewers through selecting performance, learning and focusing adjectives. Through the examples, the video introduces some guide rules and highlights common misconceptions.

Results: The learners commented on how the video finally brought clarity with examples of what to avoid. The client was very complimentary on the thoroughness of the content and the professional editing.