Handling Customer Complaints

Video Storyboard

LATAIR Storyboard.pdf

Tools: Word, Vyond

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: research, script, storyboard

Client: B Restaurant (fictional company)


Context: The client runs a catering business alongside a few restaurants. Nearly 70% of their front of house staff in their catering section are part-timers and receive basic induction. With the catering business growing, the client wanted to introduce formal induction to their customer service employees.

Challenges: Having talked to managers and employees, it has become clear that inductions take place just before the functions and the content varies depending on the manager is charge. They also highlighted strategies for handling customer complains as one area where they wished more training was provided.

Solutions: This storyboard is made for a micro-learning video that is to be embedded in the induction course. It gives clear steps with visual aids to follow. First it introduces the steps and then reiterates them, in less than 2 minutes.

Results: The employees reported that they were more confident and felt more equipped to deal with complaints.