Intro to Rise - block types & best practices

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Tools: Articulate Rise, Camtasia, Canva

Time in development: 6 days (including storyboard and development)

My role: SME, script, storyboard, development

Client: passion project to help my coachees at IDOL courses Academy


Context: I am a part-time Instructional Design coach and as such, I help people new to the field by giving advice and reviewing their work. In my numerous reviews of Rise courses, I kept noticing the same mistakes and design flaws.

Challenges: The biggest challenge for my coachees is learning to use Articulate Rise at the same time as developing the storyboard for the course outline. They also aim to do two things at once: design a comprehensive course and show that they can use the authoring tool.

Solutions: This interactive article gives a quick overview of the block types and highlights some best practices as well as the most common issues with those blocks. It is most useful before the learners create their first course with Rise, but it can also be used as a reference guide due to the useful links that are included throughout.

Results: Still gathering feedback.

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