How to Get Started with ePlatform

Screencast Tutorial

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Tools: Camtasia

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: script, development

Client: Beacon Trust


Context: The client signed up for an online library service that their employees can benefit from. While many employees initially welcomed the idea, only a few of them started using the platform.

Challenges: After speaking to the employees, I found inconsistencies in the way the platform was launched in different departments. Many of them also reported that they did not know the name of the platform or how to login.

Solutions: This short video highlights the main features of the platform and takes the employees through the login and borrowing process step-by-step. It was placed on the client's video channel for easy access and it was communicated in the weekly newsletter.

Results: Employees who watched the video expressed their excitement in using the platform with many of them saying they would be confident with the login process. All of them reported that they would know where to access the information should they need it.