Email Notifications for Google Forms

Tutorial Storyboard

SmallBizSupport Storyboard.pdf

Tools: Word, Canva, Google Forms

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: research, script, storyboard

Collaborator: Jessie Mathisen (voiceover, development)

Client: SmallBiz Support (fictional company)


Context: This course was developed as part of a peer-project. I turned a script that a colleague had written into a training and I made this storyboard for her to execute.

Challenges: The (fictional company) provides support and business solutions for startups and small businesses. The company wanted to provide micro-learning modules for their clients in implementing cheap and easily accessibly tools like the Google Suites in their everyday business.

Solutions: This tutorial is part of a series of videos that guide small businesses through implementing Google Forms for their hiring processes. By breaking up the content into micro-learning modules, the clients can choose which units to watch. The storyboard is very thorough to allow the developer to execute the project according to expectations.

Results: The finished course is almost identical to the guidelines specified in the storyboard.

Watch the tutorial based on this storyboard: