eLearning Course Samples


Selected screenshots shared with permission from the client.

Tools: Canva, Pdfescape

Time in development: 1 hour

My role: needs analysis, lesson outline, development

Client: IDOL Courses Academy


Context: The IDOL Courses Academy is a training programme helping professionals transition into the field of Instructional Design and Online Learning development.

Challenges: The programme had a series of lessons on eLearning principles and tools to develop digital courses. However, feedback from the learners and the quality of the courses they developed indicated that they needed more practical guidance.

Solutions: This lesson was embedded in the eLearning module and it presents learners with example eLearning courses. The workbook contains links to 3 carefully selected samples and includes follow-up activities to allow the learners to draw their conclusions. The lesson ends with a list of best practices and links to further samples. The Workbook is editable, so learners can add notes digitally.

Results: Learners made positive feedback in the comment section and welcomed the opportunity to see more examples.