Difficult Workplace Conversations

Interactive Presentation

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Tools: Genially

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: development

Collaborator: Jessie Mathisen (research, storyboard)

Client: IJP (fictional company)


Context: This course was developed as part of a peer-project. I created a storyboard for a colleague to execute and this project was drafted for me to develop.

Challenges: Communicating concerns or dissatisfaction with colleagues can be difficult and some managers tend to delay it. This course is aimed to give actionable steps for managers when having difficult workplace conversations.

Solutions: Initially Rise was the chosen platform for this course, but I felt that the content needed some more visual appeal and a customisable presentation with some interactivity would gain the audience’s attention more.

Results: My colleague, who had not used my selected platform before, was very satisfied with my execution and the changes I made.

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