Communicative Games

Instructor-led Training Package

Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide.pdf

Tools: Powerpoint

Time in development: 1.5 day

My role: SME, development

Client: Language Camp (fictional company)


Context: The company organises residential summer camps for English learners from abroad. This training is part of the client's pre-season induction day.

Challenges: The company aims to maximise their campers' opportunities to practise spoken English not only in the professional language lessons, but in the social activities too.

Solutions: This session is aimed at staff planning and executing activities and introduces them to a number of communicative activities. The updated session planning sheet prompts leaders to incorporate communicative elements into their plans. The second half of the training gives participants an opportunity to practise team-planning activities using the new format.

Results: Following the new planning sheet template, Activity Leaders consciously included communicative games in their sessions. They reported that the session made them more aware of the methods Study Leaders use in their English lessons. With the increased awareness of the company's goals they utilised more dialogue-based games and consciously engaged with less vocal learners.

Session Slides

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Participant Workbook