ALL Projects

A laptop screen with a document of 3 columns. Each column has an image on the top and further text rows underneath. The label says Video Storyboard.

Handling Customer Complaint

Tools: Word, Vyond

A laptop screen with a blue and white slide. The   heading says Google Forms for applications - Unit 5. The label says Tutorial Storyboard.

Notifications in Google Forms

Tools: Word, Canva, Google Forms

A monitor screen with a storyboard of two columns and 3 rows. There's one indiscernible image and text in all the other cells.  The label says Training Blueprint.

Customers' Dietary Requirements

Tools: Powerpoint, Canva

A laptop screen with the heading reading Intro to Rise - Block types and best practices for beginners. The label says Interactive Article.

Intro to Rise - block types and best practices

Tools: Articulate Rise, Camtasia, Canva

A laptop screen with three big headings reading Performance Objective, Learning Objective, and Focusing Objective. The label says Animated Explainer Video.

Writing Learning Objectives

Tools: Camtasia, Biteable, Canva

Publishing Courses with Netlify

Tools: Camtasia

A tablet screen with the visible Developing Accessible Powerpoints and Documents and 4 images underneath. The label says Online Course on Accessibility.

Accessibility in Documents

Tools: Evolve, Canva

An open booklet with two pages. One shows numbers and the next has an image and the heading reading Broken Co-worker. The label says Workbook.

eLearning Course Samples

Tools: Canva, Pdfescape

A booklet on a desk with a cover image and the title reading How to add a Contact Form to your Google Site. The label says Setup Guide.

Contact Form for Google Site

Tools: Snagit, Word

A desk with a tablet with a slide showing 2 documents. The top one reads Facilitator Guide. The label says Instructor-led Training Package.

Communicative Games

Tools: Powerpoint

A phone with an indiscernible image and a tablet with the title reading Visual Design Part 2: How to get started. The label says Blog posts.

Monthly blog posts to the IDOL courses Academy's ID community

A monitor screen with the IDOL courses logo and the heading reading Where to get ideas for your eLearning course. The label says YouTube Content Creation.

Weekly content creation for the IDOL courses Academy's YouTube channel

A phone with an indiscernible image and a tablet with a LinkedIn page with an LCA logo and the group name Learning Content Accessibility. The label says Accessibility Advocacy.

Online community and newsletter to help IDs create accessible content

A framed image with a badge reading Academy Coach. The label says Instructional Design Coaching.

Feedback on instructional design assets as an IDOL courses Academy Coach

A tablet screen with an indiscernible website. The label says Rumie 'Bytes'.

Volunteer bite-sized online modules for Rumie