Accessibility in Documents


Tools: Canva

Time in development: 3 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: Cromco (fictional company)


Context: The (fictional) company specialises in delivering bespoke marketing solutions for their clients. They communicate these solutions through documentations and slides and in the past a lot of emphasis has been put on the design of these materials.

Challenges: With the business growing and concerns raised over accessibility and “design over content” mindset, the company wanted to educate their employees on accessibility concerns while giving them practical solutions.

Solutions: This infographic was developed as part of a course. It organises the main content into easily digestible points and the A4 layout makes it easy to print and display.

Results: Many employees said that they had not been aware of the needs outlined in the course and that they started simplifying their designs. They now take accessibility needs into consideration when making design decisions.

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